Monday, February 25, 2008

A Beautiful Florida Sunset

Despite my hectic work schedule last week during my trip to Ft. Lauderdale, I did manage to find a quick minute between meetings to snap one picture.

It may not be quite as endearing as a friendly snowman picture, but as I said, I was between meetings.

I did have an interesting event on my flight down to Florida. Once we landed, we had to sit on the plane, at the gate, for almost 40 minutes. Our pilot told us all he knew was that there was something going on involving the FBI. From my window seat I was able to see several police cars with their lights on pulled up next to the plane. Next, we were told to get off of the plane, but to leave everything on the plane--coats, purses, carry-ons. If you took your cell phone with you it had to be turned off. All passengers were kept in the gate area which had been cleared for us, and which was surrounded by more police. A K9 officer and his dog came through the area about 1/2 hour later, checking every passenger individually. We watched out the window as all of the checked luggage was spread out around the plane and checked by more dogs. After another 1/2 hour, we were allowed to go back onto the plane 3 rows at a time to retrieve our personal items and then we could leave.

I made friends with one of the officers who was "guarding" us, and on my way out I asked him if he could tell me what happened. He said that they had received a call from Washington informing them that there was a bomb on our plane. Apparently it was just a false alarm.

I think after that I deserved a little time by the pool, don't you think?

3/3/08 Update: The airline just sent me a nice letter apologizing for the inconvenience, and included a $50 travel voucher. Considering that it really was something out of their control, apparently, I think it's great that they stepped up and took responsibility for it. This was my first experience on AirTran, and given this response I think I'd use them again.

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