Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad Dog

I don't have just one unbelievably cute but sometimes very bad dog. I have 2.

Luna is just a year old, and essentially still very much a puppy. It's easy to justify her behavior. Besides the incident with the Christmas tree, Luna has also destroyed an arm of the couch, a windowsill, and the occasional shoe.

I blame part of her behavior on her role model: her older sister, Gypsy.

Yes, they look adorable. Innocent even. And on the average weekend they sleep for a good 18--20 hours a day. But let your guard down for just an instant, and that's when they strike. That's how Luna got up close and personal with the wooden windowsill in the living room. And that's how Gypsy got an unexpected extra meal yesterday.

I thought I had pushed the giant cinnamon muffin far enough back on the counter so that it was out of reach. When I returned a couple of hours later, it was gone. After determining that no human had eaten it, I realized that it was Gypsy. She left no evidence--not a crumb, not a scrap of the paper--but I took one look at her face and I knew she was guilty. She spent the rest of the afternoon snoring away on the couch, belly full and content. I just hope she is still happy when the muffin paper...well, let's just say when it reappears.

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