Friday, December 19, 2008

Uniquely Chic

Everyone loves getting flowers. Even if it's because you turned 40. It's even better if you get an arrangement that's called "Uniquely Chic":

Isn't it chic? The online description says it's a "vibrant mixture of opulent orange and zesty pink flowers casually arranged in a clear glass cube container." Who doesn't love zesty flowers?

I guess it could be easily confused by the delivery guy with this:

I can't find this one on the website, but I'm thinking the description would be something like "an earthy mixture of generic daisies, crunchy purple buds, and plastic berries in a terra cotta pot."

Don't get me wrong--I'm grateful to get flowers of any kind. They are both beautiful, and I was happy with the arrangement and most importantly for the thought behind it. But if the person sending them thinks that they sent something that is "chic" then what is actually delivered shouldn't be the complete opposite.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Uber Christmas Lights

I would never want this at my house, and I'm very thankful that none of my neighbors do either, but it is still very cool. Apparently it took them over 6 months to set up and there are over 200,000 lights.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The New Spam

It seems like the Spam I've been getting lately has reached a whole new level. The products haven't changed much,
as the bulk of them are usually related to male enhancement, rolex watches, or debt reduction. But I have seen some emails in my inbox lately that are a bit more sophisticated than the standard Spam.

The scams are essentially the same, mostly looking for verification of my passwords and account numbers. Some also try the approach of offering a job. (Working just 3 hours a week sitting at my computer receiving payments into my bank account does sound tempting.) The classic is still out there, of course: the exiled Nigerian royalty that needs help getting $80 million dollars out of the country. But this one that my junk filter didn't catch today is a different twist on that approach, and it just struck me as really funny.

Dear Friend,

You do not know me and neither do I know you. I am not desperate nor in
need of help.I only want to be sure you are the kind of person I can trust
with the following proposal.

I have been very careful in my selection and have taken pains to ensure I
will be dealing with a person that has the intelligence to understand what
I am getting myself into. From the little I have been able to deduce, I
cannot make you agree to partner with me on this but I can assume that
when you are in, I can trust you completely.

I am a UK based lawyer and I am bringing everything I have to the table;
my reputation and all I have labored for my whole life. The least I ask
of you, is for you, after hearing the proposal to honestly tell me if
you are up for it or not, without acting maliciously. That way, I get to
loose nothing and can walk away with my proposal and reputation intact
without actually divulging full details.

I bear the full brunt of any risk involved in this business which I cannot
do alone and you can be rest assured that you will be duly compensated
financially for your involvement. The thing is, anyone can serve but I
chose you. I pray you don't let me down. For more details if interested
by email(

The fact of the proposal involves access to millions of Tax-Free United
States Dollars. It is up to you to accept or decline. I am waiting to hear
from you.Time is of the essence.

Yours faithfully,
Richard Billingham
+44702 406 7973

Although as he states right in the beginning Richard doesn't need help, and even though he has carefully selected ME, I left his contact information in case anyone is interested. If it works out for you you owe me a finder's fee.