Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pig

Tonight my Mom and I went to a little bar and restaurant that I've always known as the Pig. I think I saw a different name on the menu, but I'm pretty sure everyone calls it the Pig, because of the neon pig shaped sign that hangs out front.

After the pathetic excuse for a fish sandwich that I had last week at Red Robin, I knew when I came home to Pittsburgh for a visit this week I had to try to find time to have a real fish sandwich. "Real" being defined as about 5 times as big as the bun, with nothing more than the fish and some tartar sauce. The Pig didn't disappoint. I was also very happy with one of the daily specials that we tried, some homemade halaski (noodles and cabbage fried in lots of butter) which was delicious. It was also a bargain at a mere $2.45.

I try to include some sort of picture or image in pretty much every post, and for this reason the iPad is not the ideal tool for daily blogging. I did take a picture of the fish before we ate it, so when I get back to a computer I'll update with the addition of the picture.

Update: Here is the photo. I missed posting yesterday, so I only made it 3 consecutive days. I am counting this update as a post for today, because I don't know if I'll get the longer post I'm working on done.

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JD at I Do Things said...

Mmmm. Nothing beats a good fish sandwich.

Wow, I've never heard of halaska. It sounds awesome -- and pretty easy to make, right? Just fry cabbage and noodles in butter? I can get behind that.