Monday, June 7, 2010

My Old Girl

Gypsy turned 14 yesterday.

The tendonitis in her left front shoulder has just never healed, and her limp is permanent. Breathing is a little more labored for her now. Panting is pretty much the norm when she isn't sleeping. She groans a lot. The only thing that isn't a huge effort for her is eating.

She still likes to bark, and does so as often as possible. People walking by the house used to mean running from window to window barking non-stop. Now she still barks, but doesn't get off the couch.

Thunderstorms still terrify her. Hiccups do too. Both mean heavy panting and quivering, and standing on top of someone, no matter how much it hurts her legs.

The vet would like to see her lose some weight, but I don't think that's going to be a big priority for us. She's really motivated by food.

I'm sure the birthday cake she had last night won't really help.

But wow did she enjoy it.

Happy birthday, Melly. Thanks for being such a great dog.


Kathy said...

Happy birthday, Gypsy! (I'm motivated by food too). I'm sorry she's got some issues associated with age. My 18 year old cat does too. But like you, we give her everything she wants because she's in the twilight of her life.

Love that last picture!

Bone said...

Oh man, that face in the empty plate picture is priceless. Perfect.

Susan said...

Kathy- We've pretty much always given Gyps everything she's ever wanted, so I can't really say it's because of her age. But what fun are pets if you don't spoil them rotten?

Bone- Thanks. One of the few times she doesn't run when I get the camera out is when food is that close. That pic was most likely apples, one of her favorites.