Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity Made Flesh

I'd like to thank my landscaper, for the lovely soil he brought me; the nursery, for the perfect (once) little tomato plants; mother nature, for her generous rain showers at critical junctures; my next door neighbor, for his meticulous watering while we were on vacation; my daughter, for her help and hope and for bursting into song with each of our first fruits; and last but not least, Luna, my diligent, fierce beaglador bunny patrol.

She deserves a rest, she's been busy.


Sarah said...

Beautiful tomatos! good job Luna, she really kept the bunnies away. I see BLTs and homemade, fresh, salsa in your future! Lucky! :)

JD at I Do Things said...

They are beautiful! How kind of you to be so generous with your thanks. I think Luna had the most important job -- and she probably doesn't even like tomatoes!

JD at I Do Things

Susan said...

Sarah--I picked up the fixins for BLT's last night, actually. Can't wait to have one!

JD--I probably should have listed Luna first, you're right. She doesn't like tomatoes, but she still steals cherry tomatoes out of the basket every time I am picking them!

Corrina said...

Those look AMAZING! I'm so jealous. I love tomatoes!! Why can't you live closer so I can steal
them from you? LOL

Susan said...

Corrina--At this point I wish people would come and steal some!