Monday, August 18, 2008

As Seen On TV

Since we got Tivo a few years ago, I rarely watch commercials. Even if I'm watching something "live", I find some reason to pause it for a few minutes and end up being about 15 minutes behind. Just enough to be able to utilize the fabulous 30-second skip feature and blow past all of the commercials.

When I am forced to watch commercials, the infomercial types are my favorite. Not just the 30-minute type, but even the normal length ones that tout amazing products. I admit that I own several of these "As Seen on TV" products. And there are a few that I want. There are also a few that I don't ever want.

I Have These

Turbie Twist Purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond many years ago for the bargain price of 2 for $10. Works just as advertised, although I only use it immediately after the shower, I don't wear it hanging out around the house.

Wen My most recent purchase, I found a big selection on Amazon so I decided to splurge and try it. It's very unique, and although it does make my hair feel really nice, I'm not sure that it's worth the price--around 3 times as much as my previous shampoo. Also has a strong menthol thing going on, so it feels like smearing Vicks Vapo-Rub all over your head, which is a bit odd until you get used to it.

OpenX I couldn't resist this purchase, found somewhere last year while Christmas shopping. I thought it would make Christmas morning and all of those maddening plastic packages a bit easier to deal with. It works basically as advertised, worth the $10 I paid for it I guess.

One Touch Can Opener I got this as a gift, and I must say it totally works as advertised, and I use it all the time.

Aqua Globes I saw these at CVS a few weeks ago and figured why not? Looking at my jungle of tomato plants, you might think that my houseplants are thriving. Not so. Aqua Globes seem to have helped, although you clearly have to use them in the proper sized plant or the results won't be so great.

Slim in 6 This is the only product I remember ever ordering after watching the 30 minute infomercial. I was at my Mom's house and couldn't sleep, and there isn't much on at 4:00 am. Not that it makes it much better, but I didn't call the 800 number, I did go to the computer and order it online. It sat unopened in my closet for about 9 months, then this spring I remembered it and tried it out. It's basically an exercise DVD and some resistance bands. For $75. One of the bands broke after 3 weeks of daily use, and when I emailed them about it they wouldn't send me a new one.

I Want These

Peticure This is brilliant. Have you ever cut a dog’s toenails and cut a teeny bit too short? Do you know that it just bleeds for half an hour and there is nothing you can do? Anything that can help me avoid that fiasco again I’m all for.

ShamWow It’s made in Germany, and you know they make good stuff. (??)

Tobi I only iron when it is absolutely necessary. This makes getting wrinkles out look fun!

I Won’t Be Buying These

PedEgg This probably works just fine, but seeing the egg filled with flakes of dried foot skin dumped into the trash-can in the commercial is just too gross.

Inner Health Sole Pads Maybe these work too, but I don’t really want to see all of my body’s toxins on a pad I pull off of the bottom of my feet. Other than socks, shoes, and pedicures, I don’t really need much else for my feet I guess.

I have a feeling that there are many people that like these types of products WAY more than I do. Any that you'd care to recommend?


Corrina said...

I love this post! LOL

I am totally getting the Pet-i-Cure thing for my dogs too! One of them has black nails and I'm terrified of hurting him so that seemed like an excellent product.

I think I'm gonna try that Turbie Twist! It seems like a much better alternative to the giant bath towel I'm usually carrying around on my head, after a shower.

That Sham Wow guy freaks me out! But if you get them lemme know how you liked them. :-)

Susan said...

Corrina--You're alive! I thought too much Sex with Sly was the end of you.
If I see the peticure thing in a store I will totally buy it. I'm the reason they merchandise that kind of stuff at the end of aisles.
And the turbi twist rules. Much better than the giant towel that you have to balance on your head.

JD at I Do Things said...

I love As Seen on TV: Anything! As Seen on TV!

And I love my Turbie Twist. It's the best thing ever for long, dripping hair. I forgot to bring mine on vacation this past week, and regular hotel towels simply DO NOT work.

I've seen that pet claw trimmer, too. That thing looks great.

JD at I Do Things

cardiogirl said...

I know, the Ped Egg looks disgusting what with its by-product, but if you have calluses (like I do) it works very well.

The Shamwow is pretty good. Not as fantastic as it looked but I was happy.

Now I have to say I am really jonesin' for the aqua globe even though I only have two plants and my husband takes care of those.

Talk about successful marketing -- I don't even really have plants to use those things on and I want them.

Susan said...

CG: It's OK to admit that we fall for that kind of marketing. Clearly we are part of the majority!
Maybe I need to add an update to this post about the guy from the Sham Wow commercial...I don't think of seen the commercial since his incident. I love a comment 8 months after the original post, I forgot even writing this!