Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ruby Lee

I thought 529 pictures over 4 days at Disney was a lot. It's a good thing they don't have puppies running around that place or I would have probably taken thousands. Over 2 days spent with my Mom's new puppy I took a quick 220. But let me show you how completely adorable she is and you'll see why.

Ruby is a full-bred German Shepherd, and in these shots she is about 10 weeks old.

See? Have you ever seen a cuter puppy?

One of the other reasons I took a lot of shots was because she is so small now compared to how big she is going to be, and I wanted to document plenty of proof of her current tiny state. Basically anytime she was next to something that she will someday be larger than, I took a picture.

She's growing quickly, so I fully expect her to be about 3 times this size when I next see her in June. But I think it may take a whole year for her to grow into her enormous paws and ears.


Donna said...

Ruby has been keeping me quite busy. We started puppy training school last Wednesday. Until that class I was unaware that her ears should not be touched because they are still developing. Ruby quickly learned to sit for treats to learn her name and a hand signal. I really appreciate Susan taking all the pictures and more will follow in June

kev said...

Aww, Ruby is adorable. And you're right, she's going to become HUGE before too long!