Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Are...

Since baseball season is finally over, my sports focus can go back to football a bit. I haven't been ignoring it, but baseball was a higher priority. I have a good game on Saturday to start with, but it will be stressful.

Speaking of Saturday's game, is there any better uniform in college football than Penn State?

No. Not even close.

And don't even get me started about our mascot.


Uncle Crappy said...

Given that I've been griping about Ohio State's uniforms for the upcoming Michigan game (Nike: Just Don't Do It), I won't debate you there. The mascot, however, kind of looks like a giant rat.

I'm thinking Saturday's game will be the kind of brutal, defensive football that only a Big Ten fan could love. If the over/under is 25, I'm definitely taking the under.

Regardless -- it's going to be fun.

JD at I Do Things said...

I am not a football fan (or any kind of sports fan), but I have to say, those are some snappy uniforms.

As for the mascot -- a little aggressive, maybe?

Susan said...

UC: Glad you can appreciate the perfection that is the PSU uniform. I think you may be right about the game, but I really would much prefer it if we won BIG. I am still recovering from the World Series, I'm not sure I can take a close game.

JD: I thought even people that don't follow sports knew that aggressive is a GOOD quality in a mascot!

Bone said...

Those are classic unis, especially the all-white. Though sometimes there's a thin line between classic and boring :)

I really love Bama's helmets. Crimson with a single white stripe down the center and white numbers on the side.

On mascots, ever got a good look at that Stanford tree? That'd be a frightening thing to run into on a dark and empty street.

Susan said...

Bone: I guess overall I'm a fan of minimalism when it comes to all uniforms. And mascots that don't end with "s"...what's that about?