Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are You Ready For Some...Baseball?

Since football season is over, I'm focusing on happier times and getting ready for baseball. (And let's all be honest: football season is over for everyone except Steelers' fans. The game won't even be worth watching. Plus once the Steelers win it'll be their 6th Superbowl, and the fans will be unbearable to deal with. Gee, you'd never guess that I'm originally from Pittsburgh, would you?)

I actually had to remind myself a few times this fall that the Phillies won the World Series, and that once that happened I should have known that none of my other teams would go all the way. I was looking up trips to the national championship game the week before PSU inexplicably lost to Iowa. Superbowl packages were being scouted out after the Eagles beat the Giants. The World Series win had me actually believing that more championship celebrations were in my future. Oh well.

I was over at the IronPigs stadium earlier today, and even though the field was totally snow covered, it made me a bit hopeful thinking about baseball season.


Corrina said...

I so wish I could share your love for baseball. Ugh. LOL

Bone said...

I'm rooting for the Cardinals, just so that the Steelers won't break the tie with my beloved Cowboys for most Super Bowl titles :)

Susan said...

Corrina: Go to a game, maybe you'll surprise yourself and like it. Half the reason I like to go is to eat junk food and drink beer, who doesn't like that??

Bone: I wasn't going to cheer for anyone, but now I think you have pushed me onto the Steelers bandwagon. I'm from Pittsburgh, I guess they'll let me back on!

peachy said...

since visitng Boston last year my husband is obsessed with the red sox.

Susan said...

peachy: Those are the kind of fans that drive me crazy--and the Red Sox seem to have a ton of them. That's like rooting for a team because you like the colors of their uniforms.