Saturday, November 1, 2008

PhotoHunt: Blue

I had to go with a picture from my trip to San Diego last week, because the sky there is just SO blue. Cloudless and just endless, gorgeous blue. The ocean isn't too bad either.

Someone there told me that they have 300 perfect weather days every year. I guess that's makes it easier to handle all of the other crap they have to deal with (freeways, forest fires, earthquakes...)


Patsy said...

Great shot. There is nothing bluer than a cloudless sky. It may not be *clever* -- reference to your tag at photo hunt -- but it definitly captures the theme.
A beautiful inviting shot.

Corrina said...

I wish I lived there! I love, love, love the ocean with all my heart.

Susan said...

patsy--Thanks. Now that I look at it again, even if it is boring it's still beautiful!

corrina--It was at La Jolla, CA. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you are ever near it, it is gorgeous!

Jeff said...

I spent one of my favorite vacations there a few years ago. I could have easily stayed another a few more weeks. Hell, who am I kidding... I could have moved there!