Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dear Santa:

For Christmas this year, all I really want is new toys. Lots and lots of new toys. My stash is running really low right now, as low as it has ever been. I admit that I can be a little tough on them sometimes, but that's doesn't mean I shouldn't get them. Check out the pathetic state of my toys right now, you'll see how badly I need some new ones.

These are probably my best ones.

It's all downhill after those.

I'm a big fan of bunnies. I use them for training for bunny patrol.

I've been a really good girl this year. (Does "this year" include just the time between last Christmas and now? Because this:

happened before last Christmas. So did the incident with the tree.)

If I get some new toys for Christmas this year, I promise to be extra good all year long. And I'll try my best not to totally destroy them all the first day I get them. Thank you in advance, Santa. You're awesome.



Kathy said...

Oh, man. Lots of damage there. I think Luna needs to try harder to be good! Although I know a woman who's dog eats worse things than bunny ears. The dog eats underwear. Eats them whole! It's disgusting on so many levels and terribly dangerous. I can't believe the dog keeps living. Anyway, hope Santa is good to Luna!

Susan said...

Kathy--It actually took Luna many months to eat the ears completely. It was so gradual that we didn't fully realize that they were disappearing until one was completely gone and the other was 2/3 gone. I'm pretty sure if it was a pair of underwear I'd have noticed quicker and put a stop to it.
And she has nothing to worry about with Santa. She could eat the other arm of the couch and the tree again and he'll still give her presents. She has him totally wrapped.

Bone said...

Those were hilarious. And what a gorgeous dog!

We used to have a puppy and couldn't even use the plastic bowls for water and food because he'd chew them to pieces.

Susan said...

Hi Bone- Thanks! She is not only gorgeous, she is the sweetest little thing ever. That's why we quickly forget about anything she does wrong.
I only wish I could blame her behavior on being a puppy. She will be 2 in February, so she probably should be over this stuff by now.