Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Mommy to Mom

The older you get, the less you like birthdays.

Not just your own.

And not just because you aren't allowed to cover yourself in cake.

Because they are reminders of time speeding by you.

Today my only baby is 11. She's growing up.

I've realized something in the last few weeks. Is it possible that I'm in the midst of the subtle transition from being called "Mommy" and nothing else to being called just plain "Mom" ?

Not just in public, this being called Mom nonsense, but at home too? I want to be Mommy just a little while longer.

She's only 11. This has gone WAY too fast, couldn't I rewind a few years?

I'm going to try not to think about it. Maybe those last few times I just didn't hear her correctly. I hope she knows I'll always be her Mommy, not just her Mom.

But after her unbelievable report card (wherein her teacher calls her an "all around amazing young lady" ) I guess I may need to accept it. She is growing up.

Happy Birthday, Ali. Now knock off this growing like a weed thing. And remember that you will always be my baby.


Jason said...

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JD at I Do Things said...

She is gorgeous. You must be so proud.

And WHAT is she eating in that 3d photo? Mmmm. Looks like delicious birthday cake.

I love her haircut in photo 4.

Am I too old to pull it off?

Happy birthday to your cutie!

Bone said...

Aww, that was super sweet!

The other day I said, "Lordy, lordy, Bone's almost forty" in front of my Mom.

BIG mistake.

"You are not!!"


Anonymous said...
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Corrina said...

Awww... Mom's are so cute! :-)

My mom says the same thing. She said she doesn't know where the time went... One day I was just all grown up. At least you know to pay attention to all of it and enjoy it while you can. :-)

Your daughter is lovely!

Susan said...

JD: That's her "smash" cake at her 1 yr party. Someone convinced me that it's a tradition to get them their own little cake to let them go crazy with. She was covered in cake.

Bone: Yeah, it's funny how Moms make your birthday also about them. Ali's is 2 weeks after mine, so it's even more pronounced to me. My aging, that is.

Corrina--Thanks! I guess it doesn't slow down at all, huh? Before I know it she'll be 30. Ugh.