Friday, February 20, 2009

My Blackberry Travels With Me....

My answers to the Plinky question "Describe the contents of your purse." I'm not sure which is more boring: my answers, or no post at all. I'm really just testing Plinky out, so maybe with a better question I'll generate a decent post one of these days.

Because just like everyone else, I think bad things will happen if I don't always have it with me. Just in case.

For ID and credit cards, and my daughter's picture. Certainly not to hold cash.

Can't live without it.

See ibuprofen answer.

Tissues, gum, lipstick, mirror, checkbook
Required contents for most purses I think.


Corrina said...

Ooo! What's Plinky?? I must know!

You KNOW I can't even pee without my BlackBerry! LOL

JD at I Do Things said...

I always joke with my husband, who carries an entire medicine cabinet around with him. Got the Tums? Got the Immodium? Got the diphtheria pills?

Susan said...

Corrina: I should have known putting "blackberry" in the post title would get YOUR attention! Just discovered plinky myself. Kinda feels like cheating using it for a blog post, but when you've got nothing else...

JD: Never underestimate the value of having someone who always has those things with them. Dave's a keeper.

Bone said...

Speaking of that, I almost dropped my beloved into the toilet the other day. Then I asked myself, "Bone, why in the world are you holding your Blackberry while you pee?"

So from now on, I'm incommunicado in "there."

Susan said...

Bone, what would you have done if you HAD dropped it? Flush and walk away and get a new one? Fish it out at least to transfer stuff onto a new one? Retrieve it and clean it up and act like it never happened? now that's a good question for Plinky...