Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wild Wonderful Web

The internet has become so much a part of most people's everyday lives by now, that I think we sometimes take for granted just how great it is. This week alone there were numerous tricky and important questions that we asked the almighty internet:

1. How do you get chewed gum out of the pocket of a pair of shorts that have just been washed and dried? (This totally worked, by the way.)

2. Tomatoes are taking over the kitchen, what ELSE can we do with them? Decided not to do this, but tomato jam isn't too bad.)

3. Is there any chance I can get PSU tickets for just one decent game this year? (Answer: Yes, if I'm willing to pay a LOT for them.)

4. If I'm not going to a Penn State game, will I maybe get to see the Phillies in the playoffs? (Answer: An optimistic "Yes!", because that's what Philly teams do to you--make it to the post season, THEN crush your hopes.)

5. Will the Eagles beat the Steelers this week? (Answer: Yes. We should have won the Cowboy game on Monday night, and the Steelers are nowhere near as good as....I can't even type that the Cowboys are good. Monday's game took my hatred of them to a whole new level. Let's just say that after Monday's game I feel like we can beat the Steelers. If you aren't from PA you might not appreciate this take on the game, but I liked it.)

Isn't the internet handy?


JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, mighty Internet! Is there nothing you don't know?

Just today I Googled "fix spicy chili" and got tons of remedies for de-spicifying my homemade chili.

JD at I Do Things

Susan said...

JD--Can you even remember how you would attempt to figure certain things out before the internet? I can't.

And I am pretty sure that un-spicy chili is an oxymoron. Although my method for toning down the spice is just to add more cheese and/or sour cream to the top, try that!