Monday, March 31, 2008

More Real Bumper Stickers

I saw this one today.

Again, the thing that I don't get about these is why you would want to put a permanent sticker somewhere with a barely amusing line like this on it. I get annoyed when I get bad email forwards with lines like this, I can't imagine seeing it every time I opened my trunk.


Corrina said...

LOL! I would never put one on my car, but they are interesting to read when sitting at red lights. Gives you insight to the moron in front of you. :-)

Susan said...

Corrina--Exactly! My favorites are the giant pick-up trucks that have multiple stickers. Scary.

Anonymous said...


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Jeff said...

Oh nice... I write a post about how I've murdered my goldfish and the very person below me on your BlogCatalog here has an avatar of a goldfish. I think you're right... it IS poltergeist!

Susan said...

And Jeff, if you look closely the goldfish is looking RIGHT at you!